Thursday, May 13, 2010

Well, I am finally doing it. I am writing a blog. Why the name? Well to be honest I love shoes, it is my fetish if you will. And I really do have the cutest horse hair zebra pumps you have ever seen. I loved them the minute I set my eyes on them. Red soles and a little bow. They are sort of Rock-a-billy, and I also just love Rock-a-billy and most things 50's. In the 80's Rock-a-billy became huge, and of course I raided all of my mothers things. And that is when I fell in love with shoes...pumps.

My mother was a fashion horse or now we call them fashionistas. My mother had tons of beautiful clothes. And everything coordinated. Her shoes, belts, scarves, accessories...everything!!! Well she had these stiletto spectator pumps, black and white, with leather soles. I fell in love.. and I would sneak them out and wear them with my pencil skirts to school... walking. Okay I was young and did not appreciate these amazing pumps(and their cost!!) but I just loved them. So I walked to school and home and would sneak them back. Of course mom found out eventually, not many of us thought to be a little more cognizant of taking impeccable care of our things... teenagers.

And let me tell you, my mom had this utterly amazing full length, lined gorgeous, red wool coat... Oh My God!!! that is for another post in itself. Needless to say, like I said my mother had amazing clothes.... and that is where I think I got this obsession for all things fashion, among other things that I inherited from her.

Unfortunately I am not one of those OC women they show you on t.v. living high on the hog. To be honest, that is a small percentage of who REALLY live in the OC. Most of us work very hard for what we have... and sometimes what we have is getting by, by the skin of our teeth. So I do not shop at Nordstroms, but at Target, or at outlet stores. Yes I have been in Nordstroms, but that was to get from the parking lot into the mall it's Am I vain, yes. Am I horribly vain? No. I just like to take care of myself and look good. I love shoes and clothes, but you will probably never find me paying $100 for a pair of jeans (shoes...different story!!). I am not knocking those who do, I just don't understand it. Now don't get me wrong, I love places like Sephora, I do buy expensive and quality makeup alot of the time, but then I also stop at Walmart and get blush, or mascara, but for foundation or powder, I try to treat my skin to better products... and eye shadow in my opinion you cannot beat Clinique and Lancome, or Nars.

But I am me... and I am a dichotomy of so many things and I am not what you see on t.v. or envision in your mind about what a woman in Orange County Calif. And the reality is... most of us aren't. So I hope you enjoy my thoughts (as scattered as they are) and my blog.