Monday, June 20, 2011

These Scars

So… I have been away for quite awhile. I know I have neglected my blog. I could say it was life and my new job, and my business and family and so forth, and that would all be true. But why give reasons or excuses… I am back… as much as I can be

These Scars….

These scars tell a story.

These scars made me cry. They caused my baby pain.

These scars filled my heart and soul with fear.

These scars took my baby away from me for days at a time where he was in the hospital.

These scars saved his life and gave me mine.
These scars mean he is still with us.

These scars are only superficial now and remind us how precious life is and how precious HE is.

These scars will grow smaller as he grows bigger… because of these scars.

These scars are here because they needed to be here… and now, now I am glad that my little man has them, because without them, he would not be 2+ now.  I would not be able to sing him to sleep almost every night.  I would not have the absolute joy that is in my heart and life that he has brought just by being my little “Porkchop”.   I thank God for these scars and for my son.

*Open Heart Surgery
*Duedenal Atresia (Intestinal blockage)
*PICC lines (Directly into his arteries)
*G-Tube (Feeding tube in abdomen)
*Chest tube (to drain fluids after his open heart surgery)