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Wow! I just re-read my profile of myself and how very A-typical, boring checklist I have going of myself. All nice, neat and compact. I almost sound perfect don't I??? BLEHHHHHH!!!! Yeah right... PERFECT is something I am not nor is my life.

What makes me or my blog special or stand out? I have no idea you've got me on that.

I have a dark sense of humor. I am sarcastic. I live in Orange County Calif. but I am no where even in the same universe as those over privileged crazy women they have on t.v. (Although some days wouldn't mind looking THAT good....just saying).

I have worked since I was about 10 yrs old, and suddenly I find myself a SAHM & WAHM... and the jury is still out on how I really feel about that. Kudos to those who embrace it... I am on the fence though still. I love that I get to be with my sons more... but god there are days where they drive me crazy!!!

I get antsy and bored.

I have an amazing man in my life who is still a man so there fore there are days where I DO contemplate hitting him over and over with a heavy cast iron pan and worrying about the body later (This is where years of watching CSI might come in handy). We love each other. We yell and scream at each other. We laugh at each other. We have had some really great highs, and some pretty crappy and bad lows. We don't talk about forever after, but we are still here loving each other, working at being kind to each other and being friends and good to each other.

Back to my kids. My oldest daughter I am very proud of, she lives on her own and is 22. She's funny, stunning, tall, and wonderful. Best thing is she's down to earth and has no idea what a catch she is.

My oldest son "Chicken wing" or "Gigolo" is 14 going on 30... He's a handsome kid. He has an enormous heart and he is a teenager. I think right there sums it up. I love him everyday... but I do not always like him everyday. He's a good kid though. It hasn't been easy for him he has a learning disability, a processing disorder and use to have a speech impediment. The speech impediment is nearly unnoticeable.

Then there is my youngest little man "Porkchop" or as his brother and dad call him "Stinky"... He is my blessing. He has Down syndrome, but we don't even notice. He's just our "Porkchop" He's my teacher. I learn everyday from him and I know he is a gift. He is every bit a 2 year old toddler BOY! Independent, stubborn, always messy or dirty, contrary, always exploring and getting into EVERYTHING. Climbs EVERYTHING. He isn't talking or signing yet, but he still gets his wants, and needs across... most importantly he gets HIS point across. There is no stopping him

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