Monday, January 24, 2011

You can run.... But, YOU CAN'T HIDE!!

*BIG SIGH* I am sitting here laughing at myself and at Gina  ( ) who was kind enough to “Tag” me for this… And I thought my days of “TAG, you’re it!!” were behind me. Apparently not so much, as I have found out.  And to be honest I am nobody (yet) out there in this big world of blogging, I am actually quite happy and honored to have been considered let alone tagged.

So now, you get to know seven (7) things about me you may or may not know…. Soooo in no particular order:

1.       Growing up I wanted to be either a fashion designer or an English teacher. I became neither, and now I am a work from home mother and my business is baking and decorating special occasion cakes and pastries.

2.      I went to school for art history and business law and later in life switched careers and went to Culinary school and did work in a restaurant.

3.    ALL of the tools in my garage are mine… I am, as my husband likes to tell everyone, Bob Villa & Martha Stewart rolled into one…and he does very little around the house (He does do laundry though).

4.     I can cook like it is nobody’s business, but I love good old Swanson potpies… Yep that and Kool-Aid. Although it has been a really long time since I’ve had Kool-Aid.

5.    I love Elvis and Neil Diamond…. There… I said it. (Is there a 12 step for this kind of thing?)

6.      I never wanted kids. But now I cannot imagine how empty and un-enriched my life would be without them. They are my greatest achievement.

7.   I love the rain and watching lightening storms.

Okay… the dilemma who to choose now to tag? I have seven (7) victims… Errrr, I mean seven (7) people I need to tag.... Now don’t hate me :)

Okay not to hurt anyone’s feelings because they were not on the list…. Some of the wonderful people that I know as I have read your blogs are geared differently, so I when I read blogs, I looked for those that were geared more to this wonderful endeavor :) . So, my apologies to all those chosen, and to those not. (And yes I am aware I only have 6, get over it I have never been one for rules.)



  1. Thanks Bobbie. I'm a nobody on the blogosphere too, so we're in good company. Unfortunately there is no program for Elvis lovers. It a terminal condition.

    Then again wait until you see my "7 things no one knows."

  2. Funny where life delivers you. As for #7...I'm SO there with you! Glad this sat you down! Now...for your lies. LOL. Looking forward to those.

  3. Hi Bobbie,

    Your blog is awesome & you have > 700 twitter followers. Nothing to sneeze at.

    I enjoyed reading what you shared here.
    Please keep blogging!

  4. Thank you "Our Mom Spot" for both the positive encouragement and for the follow. I am hoping someday to have people here reading what I have to say... having that interest.

  5. Gina- I still have not done the "Lies" one.... maybe tomorrow!! (weeks later)