Saturday, April 30, 2011

If You're not a size 6

I love this place... they have young, fashionable, trendy clothes. Clothes a woman wants to buy. Check out Roamans. Why is it that retail America assumes if you are over a size 6/8 we don't want to look fashionable, trendy, beautiful and sexy. That the only place for us is Lane Bryant or Walmart? This place is an "In-between" and up for sizes 12 and up. And Also may I suggest for your lingerie... Hips and Curves

Anyway for those of us who are REAL woman... who like our curves and embrace them (I do And I am now Btwn 14/16)... Who love butter, bread and a good bottle of wine.... Go do something nice for yourself and get a cute little outfit... but some sexy underthings and love on yourself and your woman's body!


  1. Another great place is They have some AWESOME dresses, especially the universally flattering wrap dress, and is pretty reasonable.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation, I am always looking for sassy clothes for my sassy self ;)