Friday, February 25, 2011

15...I mean 20 things that make my Husband amazing!

I really do love my husband. We have been together since high school (25+ years)… yes I know “Awwwwww high school sweethearts”. But it has not been an easy road. We have had so many ups and downs. Beautiful, amazing, breath taking moments and some really ugly “This just isn’t working” moments. But through it all we have remained together and loving each other and friends. We have no idea what the future is going to bring, but we cannot imagine life without the other in it. We are blessed to have 3 amazing and frustrating kids. C is oldest daughter of 22 years, J which is our oldest son of 14 years, and our demon/angel G of almost 23 months. My hubby is an amazing father, one of the best men I have ever known. He is one of the good guys…

So with that I decided to list 15 things that make my hubby an amazing guy!
  1. He’s a great provider… His going out to works allows me to eat bon-bons all day and sit on the computer and “Farmville” until dusk… just kidding I am a WAHM, but he works hard so I can stay home.
  2. HE KILLS SPIDERS!! Enough said
  3. He changes dirty diapers… The poopy ones!
  4. He lets me sleep in
  5. He folds and puts away laundry
  6. He will go to the store for me anytime of the day. AND **Bonus Points** he will buy my “feminine” products for me without (much) complaint.
  7. He thinks I am beautiful
  8. He thinks I am sexy first thing in the morning (BEFORE teeth brushing)
  9. He laughs with me, for me and yes at me.
  10. He is the most amazing father I have ever seen. I could not have picked a better man to be a father.
  11. He’s still here through the fires of hell, he’s still here.
  12. He cried for all three of our kids’ births. His love for them overwhelms my heart
  13. He cried at my bedside when we all thought I was going to die (My sister in law told me this)
  14. Other than to go to our very sick newborn son’s side & to check up on our other 2 kids, he never left my side when I went into heart failure & was in the hospital for over 2 weeks
  15. He loves me unconditionally and supports any and everything I want to do.
  16. He makes me laugh everyday
  17. He argues with me everyday
  18. He would give the moon and stars if I asked, wrapped in a big pink bow
  19. He has so much integrity and character… I am amazed by him
  20. He is a strong and loving man. You wouldn’t always know this because he is so quiet. But he is fiercely loyal.
Did I say “15” things? I meant “20” things that make my husband the most amazing husband :)


  1. This is such a beautiful post BJ & pretty much sums up what a REAL marriage is all about. It's being with someone who will share all those every day ups & downs and still be there for you. I have been married for 34 years to one of the good guys too...a quiet, unassuming man who has been there as we faced the challenges of raising two children (who turned out great by the way!)and staying married in this "throw-away" world we live in. 6 months ago he was diagnosed with cancer & we embarked on a battle that we would never get through if we weren't friends as well as husband & wife. It amazes me how he is facing his situation with such dignity & grace, determined to do whatever he has to do to beat this awful disease and never once asking "why me?" or feeling sorry for himself. As you said, we have no idea what the future is going to bring, but we cannot imagine life without the other in it.

  2. Thank You Linda...
    I had no idea your husband and family was and is going through what you are. You are always so upbeat. I think that is amazing that you are. And even more so your husband's way of facing his situation. How is he doing now? Thank you so much for sharing such a personal thing from your life. I am touched and will pray for you both. xoxox


  3. This is a test - this is only a test - to see if you can teach old dogs new tricks!! LOL!!

  4. My husband and I have only been married two years but it is amazing how having a supportive/hilarious husband can help everything. Even when I want to kill mine...he can make me laugh.
    I'm a first time reader and really enjoyed your blog!

  5. BQ...

    Glad you liked my blog :) and husband really are funny that way... They can make us consider murder one moment and then love them to pieces the next!