Monday, February 28, 2011

Some people...

Just leave an indelible impression in your life and in your heart.

It does not matter if they were in your life 5 hours or 5 years. It does not matter who or what they were in your life or how they got there, or why they no longer are apart of your life. They leave a memory, a friendship, a love deeper than words can express.

Whether they were ripped from your life, walked away, or you asked them to leave... they leave a huge part of themselves with you. A part that is felt so strongly that if you close your eyes, it's as if they are still there with you. That bond is still there no matter what anyone says or does.

You can't define it, or try to figure out the whys of it, because it just is. You cannot minimize it, nor can anyone else. It is just something that is felt, always. It doesn't go away with time. The power of what this person was and is in your life doesn't diminish because you or someone else wills it to be.

It's a remembered laugh. It's a promise given. It's moments that took your breath away. It's a shared secret. It's a shoulder cried upon... it's a thousand little things... and just as many big things shared and woven intricately into a cloth of  friendship, a love, a relationship that even when they have left, that bond, that cloth is still felt and is missed. It is thought about. It is cried about. It is laughed about and it is felt and remembered no matter the time or space.

There are some people that leave their presence, their mark, with in us that even though it may be invisible to every one else, it is very substantial and real to us. It changes us and it stays with us forever, marking our hearts and minds with love, warmth, and friendship. A treasured mark indeed.

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