Friday, February 25, 2011

This is why....

You should archive and save your old emails.

I was going through old emails that I have archived, I have about 7 years worth!! Yes, that is a lot of emails. I was separating them into different folders. One for jokes, friends, recipes and so forth. I had forgotten this one email I had received from a person who told me they hoped I lost my son. He was very sick at the time. I forgot about the absolute venom of this email. It hurt my soul that someone would say this about a child, my child. That he would die. That I would lose him. I have never wished this on anyone... I never would. How does someone write an email like this?

From the angry email I received:

"You have proven to be pathetic white trash. YOU are ugly. It is no wonder no man wants you or loves you. I hope you lose your son. I am GLAD you have lost everything. You deserve it. You are a horrible, vile woman with no standards or morals. Everybody knows what you are and you will NEVER be liked or loved. You are trash and they all see it! You are a nightmare and completely psycho. You should not be allowed around children, or people really. YOU are the one who got what she deserved. He never has and never will love you. He hates you and that baby. He was just using you, that is HOW STUPID you are. Remember he left you. He didn't tell you. That right there should tell you he thought you were nothing. You were nothing to him. He laughed at you. WE laughed at you. You are a joke to him."

Yes I was left behind. I made a mistake. I made a huge mistake. I admit that. I have always taken responsibility for my actions. I have never lied. I never twisted facts. And the people involved in my life were ALWAYS told the truth. They never held my mistakes against me.

But I was harassed. And have been over the years. So this is why I kept and archived pretty much ALL of my emails. On Twitter right now I follow a lawyer SocialMediaLaw1 and he tweeted about email content and so forth. And I was very happy when I read his article that I had kept ALL of my emails.

Now most of my emails are from friends and people who I truly love and who have and do truly love me... but then every now and again I am sure everyone has an email that is defamatory, or hurtful... Just like this one above. Don't delete it, sure go ahead and blow it off or toss it in the "psycho" bin where it belongs, but do not erase it. In this day and age of cyber bullies and online stalkers it is best to cover your butt and protect it as well.

*As a side note, my son obviously is doing great. I am happily married and working out the rough spots with my amazing hubby. I have a great home and a great life. I get to be a SAHM & a WAHM doing what I love most. Life is very good. Are there days where it's a three ring circus and I want to pack and leave? You bettchya... but luckily (for my family) those days only happen once a week! hee hee

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