Thursday, March 3, 2011

I am at a cross roads...

I am at a cross roads. I have been dealing with a particular person & their spouse for almost 6 years now. I want to tell my side... the truth, but that means more judgment of me. I do not regret anything that I have done or my choices, but the way people are they won't sit back rationally and see it for what is is. It was love... truly and beautifully on both parts. Right or wrong. We were all the victims and were were all the bad guys. But if they have it their way they would make everyone of you believe I am the bad guy. I am not.

So.... what do I do. Do I let my demons and the real truth out... or do they stay hidden and only their side is told?

1 comment:

  1. It is your blog. If people come here and judge you, perhaps they need to keep moving. If these other people are telling lies about you or the situation, you should have the right to set the record straight. I have read your other posts and tweets and you are genuine. People will see that.