Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Top down.... and we drove

It was the summer.... it was night...It was an amazing night.

I had just gotten my new white convertible and I was in love with both the convertible and my man... my soul mate. We were very spontaneous that summer. We would just meet and go, we didn't care as long as we were together.

That night was perfect almost in every way. We talk or I should say talked about it a lot in the years to follow that night...

We got into that cute, white convertible and I let him drive. I wanted him to drive. I wanted to sit back and just take in the entire evening as it unfolded. Top down, Rascal Flatts playing among others, and us driving to Palms Springs just because we wanted to. A million stars to look at if you put your head back... And not a care in the world that night.

We laughed so much... talked all night... held hands the entire drive from Corona to Palm Springs... funny but everything seemed to have melted away. He had turned off his phone, like he did most of the times when we were together so he would not get calls or interruptions...just us...even on a crowded freeway it was just us.

I didn't care about the wind or what it was doing to my hair... he looked at me like I was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen... He even had told me he was still so shocked a total MILF like me, a true beauty was with him. That I found him handsome. Of course I found him handsome, he took my breath away just by being himself. And there we were... holding hands, or his hand on my thigh as we continued to drive, absorbed in the beauty of the drive and in the relationship we had, absorbed in each other.

We got to Palm Springs just to pull over into a secluded spot and to get out and lay there on the hood looking up into that amazing summer sky... holding each other... loving each other. Simple and pure you would have thought we were a couple of teenagers even though we weren't. Drinking in the quiet moment of just being together right then and there, giggling at the spontaneity of the night. A few wonderful, magical moments of a still night and a very real love. Moments later to sadly return to the car to drive back home... big sighs from us both because we didn't want to leave... not yet. We did though. 

And as we reached home he momentarily turned on his phone and got the call we both knew was coming and dreaded... not that it took away the beauty of that night or any night there after... but we always knew it was coming.... But THAT night was magical...and ours alone and we savored every moment of it and even after-wards we both sat together quiet letting it wash over us til the sun came up and we parted back into our lives.... Keeping it tucked close in our hearts... with a secret remembered smile.... with the top down... and we drove.....


  1. Beautifully written. This is one of my favorite posts I've ever read.

  2. Pretty, pretty, pretty! Great post!

    Margaret (@goodbadfamily)

  3. Thank you Elizabeth... I really needed that right now. When I read your Blog or others I feel a little inadequate. You all write so beautifully. You inspire me to write better.

  4. Margaret,
    What a huge compliment coming from you! A huge thank you!!! :o)