Monday, March 14, 2011

Why yes... I am perfect. NOT!!

So I just read an article and it's so true about how Facebook (And a lot of other social media sites) has become a brag book and if you looked it would look like everyone loves being a parent and is absolutely perfect at it.
I am here to say there are days where if I was an animal in the animal kingdom I would have already devoured my young. I am not eve close to being perfect and it's a wonder my two oldest have turned out so well in spite of me... I am still working on screwing up the youngest... he's a tough cookie though. But I will not rest.
There are days where I do not like laundry and throw it on the bed hoping the next time I walk in it will have magically folded and put itself away. As of yet when I have done this, the laundry is still there. There are days where I do not do the breakfast dishes until after dinner. I just do not feel like doing it. And yes there are days where I look forward to nap time, so I can just breathe and be Bobbie.... not mommy or wifey. 
I use so much lotion because my hands are chapped, and hair dye, and laundry soap, and Comet from trying to be perfect... and it's just not possible, at least not if you want to stay sane and not have to explain to the judge how the wood chipper came into play.
I lose my cool and my temper. There are days where yes... I look forward to that glass of wine (or five) while cooking and eating dinner. Where I count the minutes until bed time and where I spend extra time in the shower or bathroom just to breathe and collect my sanity. And yes it would be marvelous to sleep in... everyday.
But the last thing I or my family is, is perfect. I strive for it, I really do. I am not in competition with anybody other than myself. I do not do it for other peoples praise or validation. Truth be told, I could care less about that. I do not need that kind of validation to be complete. However I would love some magic elves to fold my darn laundry though!!!
Everyday is not rainbows and butterflies... there are days where it is hell, I am tired, angry, frustrated... and want to kill someone (haven't found a place to hide the bodies yet, working on it though). There are days where I want to run away too. It is tough being married and having kids and not everyday do I look forward to it. But... luckily those days only happen maybe 3 or 4 times a week... LOL Just kidding. Luckily they don't happen too often... and I love my awful beautiful life... husband, kids and all...(did I forget to mention the 3 large huskies too??!)
This has been a PSA for those who think they are perfect... ya aint! If I cannot achieve perfection, then it does not exist. (Tongue in cheek)


  1. I LOVE this post. Sometimes I think it would be great to be The Brady Bunch--just for a day lol We'd have some traumatically cute moment and then all learn an awesome lesson within a half hour ;)

  2. Ron and Margaret... I really did laugh out loud!! Thanks for getting it...

  3. Elisabeth....

    I might need an hour for my lesson (you haven't met my family yet) They are a cross between the Brady Bunch and the Bundys... Marinate on that...Yep scary so I need that additional 1/2 an hour to learn our lesson! :o)

  4. What a great post. I like that where you said you're in competition with yourself...we are our own worst critics! Your days sound like mine and I'm happy for that similarity! 5 glasses of wine, extra time in the shower and all!

  5. Gina...

    You are right, I am my own worst critic with out a doubt. See that is why we get along so well... on the same page . Here's to similarities ...