Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My passion....This is what I am in the business of... CAKES! Wordless Wednesday

These are some of MY creations. This is my business. I design & decorate pastries and cakes. Thought I'd brag a little and show what it is I do. (okay not entirely "Wordless")

My husbands' Star Wars Bantha B-day cake

Cupcakes I did for a calendar photo shoot
Cupcakes I made for a calendar photoshoot *Photo courtesy Juls Megill Photography


  1. OMG! Those are awesome!! Are you cali local I'd love to get for my kids bdays!

  2. Thanks!!! You are such a sweetie! :) Yes I am in Southern Cali... Orange County.

  3. Can I just be adopted? Please??? I'll totally lick the spoon.

  4. Yes Frazzled.... I will adopt you. The more spoon you lick the less I have to wash! LOL ;o)

  5. *ADDENDUM** That was supposed to be Spoons (plural)